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Preserved Moss Ceiling Garden Project

Vertical Garden Moss
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Welcome to a journey where nature meets modernity! In our latest design project, we immersed ourselves in the idea of bringing a touch of green to the most unexpected urban spaces. Picture yourself in a bar, surrounded by the vibrant energy of the city, but with a surprise: a green oasis above you. That’s what we offer with our ceiling garden project for bars, a perfect fusion of nature and urban life.

Project Concept

When designing a ceiling garden for a bar, our Moss n Art team aimed to create an environment that offers a unique experience to visitors. We began by carefully selecting a variety of preserved mosses, ensuring not only their beauty but also their durability and ease of maintenance. Then, we considered the layout and lighting of the space, creating a cozy and relaxing atmosphere, perfect for enjoying good times with friends.

Benefits of Preserved Mosses

Preserved mosses are the star of this project. In addition to their natural beauty, these plants offer several advantages for an environment like a bar. They require no watering or direct sunlight, making them ideal for indoor spaces. Moreover, they help improve the aesthetic of the environment by absorbing excess noise, thus creating a healthier setting for customers.

Environmental Impact

One of the most rewarding aspects of this project is its positive environmental impact. By opting for preserved mosses, we are promoting sustainability and nature conservation. These plants are harvested responsibly and preserved using eco-friendly methods, ensuring no harm is caused to the environment.

Why Choose Moss n Art

Moss n Art is a leader in the interior design sector with natural, preserved, and artificial elements. Our projects are carefully planned to offer not only aesthetic beauty but also functionality and sustainability. With our experienced and passionate team, we guarantee exceptional results that exceed our clients’ expectations.


In a world increasingly dominated by concrete and glass, it’s important to remember the importance of nature in our lives. With our ceiling garden project for bars, we offer an innovative way to bring a piece of nature to the heart of the city. We invite you to experience the beauty and tranquility of a green environment, wherever you are. Contact us today and let us transform your space into something truly special! 

Think Green! 

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