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Portfolio: The Power of Biophilia – Preserved Moss from MossnArt for Banco BPI in partnership with VectorMais and CBRE


In this portfolio, we are pleased to present an innovative collaboration among companies committed to sustainability and well-being: Banco BPI, VectorMais, CBRE, and MossnArt. Together, we have joined forces to explore the power of biophilia and create exceptional corporate environments through the use of preserved moss and plants.

The Concept of Biophilia

Biophilia is the innate connection that humans have with nature and other forms of life. Studies have shown that the presence of natural elements in indoor spaces provides numerous benefits for people’s physical and emotional well-being. Biophilia in the workplace has proven to be an effective approach to enhance productivity, creativity, and reduce stress.

The Collaboration of Banco BPI, VectorMais, CBRE, and MossnArt

With the shared vision of creating more humanized and healthy corporate environments, Banco BPI, VectorMais, CBRE, and MossnArt have come together to transform bank branches into welcoming spaces that stimulate well-being and connection with nature.

The Solution: Preserved Moss from MossnArt

Our choice to implement biophilia in the Banco BPI environment was the use of preserved moss from MossnArt. Preserved moss is real moss that undergoes a careful preservation process, maintaining its lush appearance and natural texture without the need for water or sunlight. This sustainable and low-maintenance option allows us to create green and vibrant spaces, bringing nature into the corporate environment without compromising the ecosystem.

Benefits of Implementation

Well-being and Health: The presence of preserved moss provides a calmer and more relaxing environment, reducing stress levels and improving the mental health of Banco BPI’s employees and clients.

Productivity and Creativity: Biophilia has a positive impact on people’s productivity and creativity. Integrating nature through preserved moss stimulates the mind and enhances concentration, favoring performance in the workplace.

Sustainability: The choice of preserved moss reinforces the commitment of the involved companies to environmental sustainability, as MossnArt employs responsible collection practices and ecologically sound processes.

Aesthetics and Corporate Image: Preserved moss, in addition to providing well-being benefits, gives a unique and modern aesthetic to the environment, enhancing Banco BPI’s corporate image as a company that values innovation and environmental responsibility.

Results and Feedback

The implementation of MossnArt’s preserved moss in Banco BPI branches, in collaboration with VectorMais and CBRE, has been very well received. Employees report a more pleasant experience in the workplace, and clients appreciate the welcoming and harmonious atmosphere of the branches.


The collaboration between Banco BPI, VectorMais, CBRE, and MossnArt in exploring the power of biophilia with preserved moss is a brilliant example of how corporate cooperation can lead to innovative and sustainable solutions. Through this initiative, we have succeeded in creating corporate environments that promote well-being, health, and productivity among employees while reinforcing our commitment to preserving the environment.

We hope that this project inspires other companies to embrace biophilia as part of their design and well-being approach and that more organizations join in the pursuit of a more sustainable and humane future. Think Green – MossnArt!

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