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Jardim Vertical de Plantas Artificiais

Vertical Garden Artificial Plants


Due to cutting-edge technology and products quality, vertical artificial gardens reproduce the colours and textures of natural plants perfectly.

Watering not required and resistant to climate changes and conditioning air, thevertical artificial plants garden doesn’t require any kind of maintenance and it’s ideal for customers who want to be stress-free from regular maintenance.

Applicable to environments deprived of natural lighting it’s the ideal product for places where the installation of a natural garden is not a feasible reality. However, as it is synthetic and consists of artificial plants of permanent use, that garden is both the solution to indoor and outdoor areas, with the benefit of being soaked and exposed to the sunlight.

Built in modular panels, its assembly is practical and easy, and parts can be transported easily and efficiently.

With the artificial garden, the environment will become modern, functional and elegant.

Vertical Garden Artificial Plants Advantages

Resistant and high durability material


No maintenance costs required

Easy installation in modular panels


Sound barrier

Visual Comfort

Quick Assembly

Vertical Garden Artificial Plants Projects

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