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Vertical Garden Natural Preserved Plants


Naturally preserved Garden Plants are tailor-made and don’t require any watering, trimming and regular maintenance, being the ideal option for indoors environments with little direct sunlight.

Created from natural plants, its production process undergoes different treatment stages of foliage conservation and plant appearance preservation, keeping simultaneously its shine, colour and size.

As they are produced in modular panels, the preserved garden stands out for its reduced purchase cost and maintenance ease. With easy and clean installation, it can be done even by you, our customer.

Preserved plants vertical gardens help in the temperature monitoring of the environment by improving its energy balance and can be applied in different shapes and sizes, , drawing attention to its beauty and convenience.

We focus on the smallest details in each stage of the project in order to ensure full satisfaction of our customers.

Vertical Garden Natural Preserved Plants Advantages

Assembly in module panels

No maintenance cost required

Fast installation

No watering required; free from insects

Vertical Garden Natural Preserved Plants Projects

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