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Vertical Garden Natural Preserved Moss


Product coming from the north of Europe such as Scandinavian Peninsula. The work of cultivation and crop follows an ancient tradition, in which moss is hand captured in an extraction of small carpets.

During the cultivation process, mosses are selected with appropriate sizes and undergo a natural process of preservation and dyeing, where they are stabilized in a non-toxic, biological saline solution, which provides a durability of about 8 to 10 years.

Displaying many colour options such as green, orange, blue, black, pink, among others, each preserved moss presents a unique feature , with a round and multidimensional shape and possesses the ideal structure for sound absorption. Due to its properties, moss usually doesn’t attract dust and is maintenance-free.

Recognised as a modern product of indoor design, the preserved moss ensures a contemporary tone in different environment.

Vertical Garden Natural Preserved Moss Advantages

Produced in the European community

Applicable in varied environments (indoors)

Zero maintenance and no need for watering

Easy installation in modular panels

Resistant to climate change and conditioning air

Great variety of species for composition

Visual Confort

Quick Assembly

Vertical Garden Natural Preserved Moss Projects

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