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Vertical Gardens


Moss n Art develops exclusive biophilia-driven projects with corporate and residential solutions making use of high-quality products, all this to make space even greener, more modern and cosier.

Vertical Gardens are produced in size 100 cm x100 cm panels or tailor-made and are suitably packaged for delivery. Our delivery is made to all of Europe by qualified Moss n Art professionals.

The fitting is made by an expert team which will carry out the work so that Moss n Art high-quality standards are met. If you wish you can perform the assembly on your own, along with the panels you will receive an assembly script with all the necessary information.

Moss n Art provides 03 different types of Vertical Gardens:

Artificial Plants

Cutting-edge technology used in production and fitting of vertical artificial gardens both for indoor and outdoor environments make it an excellent tool to transform its environment into a modern, functional and based on biophilia concept . Artificial plants are customized and the landscaping project is unique and differentiated. As a matter of fact it doesn’t require further care such as trimming maintenance and water use.

Preserved Natural Plants

Preserved vertical gardens are the perfect answer to climate change. Using the best resources as a background for Vertical Garden Preserved Plant is one of the main features to keep quality and durability of our products.

Natural Preserved Moss

Preserved Moss is a plant that doesn’t require any regular maintenance. It’s a natural resource that possesses individual features; it undergoes a natural process of dehydration and dyeing. Therefore colour changes are features of this product.

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