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Design Week Interni

Vertical Garden Moss

In April 2023, once again, the month of Design Week and the Interni exhibition-event took place. The corporate landscaping and vertical gardens company, MossnArt, was selected by Multilem to work together in developing the entire biology of this project for Apex Brazil.

There’s evolution and revolution. The former term indicates the result of a natural change in the characteristics of a biological population, leading to the emergence of a new species. The latter refers to a radical change in the organization of a country or a specific status quo.

Combining these concepts, we have Re-Evolution, the theme selected for the exhibition-event organized by Interni for FuoriSalone 2023. This theme represents a collective reflection on Evolutionary Thinking applied as a tool for design.

We are thrilled to announce that the entire landscaping execution was carried out by MossnArt, a renowned company specializing in various segments within landscaping, including the use of preserved moss. In the Multilem project, a unique approach was developed for the client, Apex (Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency). The collaboration with MossnArt brings an innovative and sustainable approach to design, utilizing preserved moss in a creative and surprising way.

We are excited to share the wonders of Design Week and the Interni exhibition with you. Join us on this journey of creativity, innovation, and evolutionary thinking applied to design! Embrace the Biofilia! Think Green!

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