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Lidl Sintra

Preserved Vertical Garden, Vertical Garden Moss

Green at Lidl: Our Moss and Preserved Plant Vertical Garden from Moss n Art

Lidl Supermarkets, known for their unwavering commitment to creating memorable experiences for their customers, in addition to offering fresh and high-quality products, are now also dedicated to sustainability and beauty. That’s why, as you enter the store in Sintra, you will be welcomed by a verdant spectacle: an incredible vertical garden of mosses and preserved plants from the company Moss n Art.

Why a vertical garden?

The idea of creating a vertical garden at the store entrance didn’t happen by chance. It’s an extension of our commitment to promoting nature and sustainability. Moss n Art’s vertical gardens are a growing trend in interior design, not only for their pleasing aesthetics but also for their environmental benefits.

Sustainability in the spotlight

This vertical garden is a demonstration of our commitment to sustainability. Moss n Art’s preserved plants require no watering, saving water, and their maintenance is minimal. They also contribute to creating a more pleasant environment for everyone visiting the store. By choosing Moss n Art mosses and preserved plants, we also reduce the need for chemicals and pesticides, contributing to a healthier environment.

Variety of species

Moss n Art’s vertical garden showcases a variety of moss and preserved plant species, creating a natural and welcoming environment. You can appreciate the beauty of ferns, mosses with different textures and shades, and other preserved plants that bring life to Lidl Sintra.

Taking care of our planet together

By choosing to shop at Lidl Supermarkets in Sintra, you’re not just acquiring quality products at affordable prices; you’re also part of our commitment to care for the planet. Our Moss n Art moss and preserved plant vertical garden is an example of how beauty and sustainability can come together to create a pleasant and eco-friendly environment.

Visit Lidl Store in Sintra and Feel the Green Serenity

We invite you to visit Lidl Sintra supermarket and appreciate our Moss n Art moss and preserved plant vertical garden. Take a moment to relax and enjoy the serenity that nature can provide, even in the heart of a bustling city.

At Lidl Supermarkets, we’re dedicated to making your shopping experience unique and environmentally friendly. Together, we care for our planet and create a welcoming environment for all. Nature is at your doorstep – come and enjoy it at Lidl! Think Green!

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