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Nem Carne Nem Peixe!

Vertical Garden Moss

Welcome to our fascinating Biophilia project in the heart of Porto, Portugal, in collaboration with the prestigious restaurant Nem Carne Nem Peixe!

Here, we invite you to immerse yourself in a green oasis, where nature intertwines with architecture in a harmonious symbiosis, all thanks to the meticulous intervention of Moss n Art’s specialized team.

The Nem Carne Nem Peixe restaurant is more than just a gastronomic space – it’s a sanctuary for the senses, where conscious eating merges with natural beauty. By collaborating with Moss n Art, the restaurant embraces not only vegan cuisine but also the philosophy of integrating nature into every aspect of the environment. With our flat moss and moss ball ceiling garden, we’ve created not just a decorative element, but rather recreated an environment that turns the space into an ever-evolving work of art.

In addition to its aesthetic beauty, our ceiling garden contributes to a healthier and more sustainable environment for the eyes. Long live Biophilia!

Visit and explore this complete sensory experience, where delicious food meets the serenity of nature. Through the website, you can discover more about the restaurant. Don’t miss the chance to immerse yourself in this preserved moss ceiling garden that goes beyond decoration, elevating the culinary experience to new levels of harmony and well-being. Learn more at

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